ARM Development Studio 2024.0 Build 202400912 (x64) Gold Edition Incl. Medicine

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ARM Development Studio 2024.0 Build 202400912 (x64) Gold Edition Incl. Medicine [FTUApps]


Designed specifically for the Arm architecture, Development Studio is the most comprehensive embedded C/C++ dedicated software development solution on the market. Development Studio accelerates software engineering while helping you build robust and efficient products.


Two Integrated Development Environment (IDE) options, one for each development type: Keil µVision for smaller microcontrollers, and Eclipse-based Development Studio IDE for native cluster support and third-party integration.

End printf trial and error. With non-intrusive Arm CoreSight trace-capable debugger and the powerful Streamline system-wide analyzer, you can save time zooming in on both bugs and performance issues.

Highly optimized bare-metal C/C++ code generation, including industry-leading auto-vectorization techniques for Arm Neon and SVE technologies. Maximize performance for applications like DSP, machine learning, and image recognition.

From early SoC design stages to software testing on silicon, from tiny energy-harvesting Cortex-M0+ systems to server-grade Neoverse platforms, from start-up to enterprise projects: Development Studio is designed to scale with your projects.

Arm Development Studio includes
– Arm debugger and Keil µVision debugger
– Embedded C/C++ Arm Compiler for Embedded including backwards compatible license
– Streamline performance analyzer for system-wide optimization on Linux, Android or bare-metal
– Royalty-free CMSIS-compliant middleware blocks for MCUs
– Armv7 and Armv8 Fixed Virtual Platforms for software development without a hardware target
– Graphics debugger compatible with OpenGL ES, Vulkan and OpenCL


Supported targets

Supported boards and devices
With more than 5,000 devices in the database, Development Studio ships with out-of-the-box support for popular off-the-shelf microcontrollers and application processors, and the commercial development boards that use them.

Supported processors
Whether you are designing a custom SoC or developing an off-the-shelf device not yet on the tool database, the Development Studio Platform Configuration Editor (PCE) and the Debug and Trace Service Layer (DTSL) enable debug connection to virtually any design using supported processors.


What’s New:
– Read the given PDF shortcut for release notes!


Operating System:
– Windows 10 / Windows 11
– Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Workstation
– Ubuntu Desktop Edition 18.04 LTS
– CPU: 2+ GHz 64-bit processor
– Memory: 4 GB of system memory (RAM)
– Space: 5 GB of available disk space
– Internet: 2 Mpbs or higher Internet connection for software activation, product updates and online services like the PackInstaller


Note: Development Studio IDE only supports 64-bit host platforms. For the Keil MDK system requirements visit Keil MDK system requirements. Any driver requires, it download itself while installing.




Install and use the medicine / Brief Instruction is Included in the folder!




Size: 1.72GB

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