Micro Focus Application lifecycle management (ALM) v15.01 + Patcher


ALM / Quality Center

Govern application lifecycle management activities to achieve higher quality.

Govern and control application lifecycle management activities to improve quality and ensure the application delivers expected business value. Accelerate Application Development

Leverage the reusability, traceability, and automation of ALM tools to improve efficiency in developing, testing, and maintaining applications.

Gain real-time visibility

Automate result collection and gain real-time visibility into application quality, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone human processes.

Enforce processes and compliance

Enforce standard process with built-in ALM workflows and templates. Ensure compliance with detailed change tracking and a risk-based approach.

Build integration across lifecycle

Build an automated, vendor-neutral ecosystem for data consolidation across your application lifecycle with out-of-the-box integrations and APIs.

Deploy according to business needs

Meet your scalability, security, and application architecture requirements with the deployment option of your choice – on-premises, cloud, or SaaS.

Protect investment while being Agile

Synchronize requirements, tests, and defects between Agile and traditional projects; and flexibly adjust your pace to protect your investment.

Dive deeper. Discover more.

Accelerate Application Development

  • Change and test the right part of your application by leveraging Traceability Matrix, Business Process Model, and Application Lifecycle Intelligence.
  • Achieve high efficiency in application testing with automatic test execution, test result collection, and shared assets.
  • Ensure seamless collaboration and productivity through a unified data repository and workflows.

Gain real-time visibility

  • Gain real-time insights into application quality with out-of-the-box Live Analysis Graphs and Health Reports.
  • Create your custom reports and charts with an easy-to-use wizard.
  • Define your KPIs and monitor how they are met with the Scorecard to keep track of your release readiness.

Enforce processes and compliance

  • Enforce organization’s processes with templates, customizable workflows and cross-project customization.
  • Use Risk Based Quality Management to ensure the priority of business-critical requirements.
  • Keep track of changes with baselining, Version Control and Audit Log.
  • Implement enterprise-level security such as SSO user authentication for regulatory compliance.

Build integration across lifecycle

  • Leverage out-of-the-box integrations with best-of-breed tools from multiple vendors, to build your application lifecycle ecosystem.
  • Embrace open-source tools via the integrations with Git, Jenkins, Selenium, and many others tools.
  • Quickly develop your own integrations with the REST API.

Deploy according to business needs

  • Choose the deployment option most suitable to your business needs.
  • Install on-premises to maintain control and high security.
  • Deploy to the cloud to take advantage of cloud benefits while managing it on your own.
  • Subscribe to ALM/Quality Center on SaaS to be free from maintenance and enjoy on-demand scalability.

Protect investment while being Agile

  • Manage traditional and Agile projects in parallel, by synchronizing with Agile management tools such as Micro Focus ALM Octane, Atlassian JIRA and others.
  • Meet your hybrid development needs at various stages of Agile transformation.
  • Protect your investment in current projects and start paving your way towards Agile management.


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