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What is MSI Wrapper Pro?

MSI Wrapper is a lightweight software program whose goal is to help users convert EXE files into MSI file format.

It sports a clean and intuitive interface that lets you perform many operations with only a couple of clicks.

As it gives support for a step-by-step strategy, even rookies may learn how to configure the committed parameters with minimal work.

MSI Wrapper provides you the chance to define the executable file, decide on the goal location and filename, enter the usefulness ID or pick it in a listing, which shows all applications installed on your own system and their corresponding IDs, and define the update code.

What is more, you’re permitted to supply details about the setup bundle, such as product name, manufacturer, version, and remark, and adjust the icon by simply uploading an ICO file to the pc.

Other noteworthy characteristics worth mentioning are represented with the chance to define command-line arguments used when running the installer and uninstaller, include Help, Update Information, and Around links, and additional information about the touch.

Before proceeding with the conversion procedure, MSI Wrapper enables one to look at a summary, including information about the whole procedure. Besides, you can save the settings to XML file format for utilizing them in your future endeavors.

We’ve discovered the application carries out the conversion procedure very fast during our testing and without mistakes throughout the whole procedure. It does not eat up lots of CPU and memory. Therefore the general functioning of the computer isn’t affected.

Consequently, MSI Wrapper delivers a handy pair of parameters for assisting you to build MSI packages. As a result of its simple approach, it’s acceptable for all sorts of users, irrespective of their experience degree.


MSI Wrapper Guru Great Features:

Wrap your own exe file in an MSI package
Convert executable Builders to MSI packs

Deployment via GPO and SCCM
– Once your installation program is wrapped within an MSI package, you can set up it with Group Policy Objects (GPO) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

Silent uninstall and install
– In case your exe supports silent installation, you can produce your MSI silent also. It is possible to add parameters into your exe when it’s launched from the MSI Wrapper.

Merchandise property management
– When you construct your MSI package, you can define the properties for your bundle. Properties include product name, producer, icon, model, comments, and even more.

Single entrance in installed apps
– Windows can reveal a listing of installed apps. This is the point where the consumer normally goes to uninstall an app. The MSI Wrapper will replace the initial entry in the wrapped installation and be sure the wrapped app and the MSI are flashed properly.

Elevation level controller
– Some contractors need elevation under certain conditions, and others don’t. With the MSI wrapper, you may decide on the amount of altitude suitable for your wrapped installer finest.

Feb user and per system installments
– The two” per user” and”per system” forms of installations are encouraged. This can be used to control whether an installed app is available to users on the device or just the user.

Reboot detection
– Most installers can indicate to the operating system that a reboot is required to finish the installation. With this application, it is possible to map an exit code in the toaster installer to produce the MSI package indicate the need for a reboot.

Batch style and construct script integration
– Assembling your MSI package could be automatic. This is beneficial if you’re a software programmer and wish to incorporate the MSI Wrapper on your build scripts.

Pass through parameters
– Even following the MSI is made, it’s possible to alter the parameters dynamically, and the wrapped installer receives. Employing a specific command line switch on the MSI, you can pass parameters into the wrapped installation.

Smart Uninstall (multiple program ids)
– Some executable installers produce several entries in Window’s listing of installed apps. Together with the MSI Wrapper, you can create the uninstallation procedure to remove all applicable components. This makes a cleaner elimination procedure and enhances the general quality of this MSI.

Exit code mapping
– Executable installers frequently return an exit code. An exit code conveys information regarding the result of the setup procedure. Installers can create different exit codes. There’s not any standard that dictates that code to come back in certain scenarios. Hence, the MSI Wrapper includes a feature that allows you to map these customized exit codes to purposeful Windows Installer codes.

Include documents
– Some executable installers need different documents in the same folder as the executable installer. This is supported with the”Include Files” attribute, which packs all files from the executable installer’s directory and subdirectories. These files are pulled at install time.

Parameters predicated on UI degree.
– An MSI package may be conducted with various degrees of the user interface. It may operate in a standard mode where an individual interface is displayed or in a quiet mode where the setup is completely automated. Dependent on the UI amount of this conducting MSI, it is possible to send unique parameters into your own wrapped executable. In this manner, your wrapped installer may accommodate the UI degree of the Windows Installer.

Run command line before and after setup
– It’s possible to create the MSI package conduct a command before or after this wrapped installation setup. This usually means you could run any command line to get ready for your setup or perhaps clean up following the installation. Perhaps you’ve comprised a batch script; then you also would like to run.

Wrap a batch script
– This tool was initially constructed to wrap an executable setup application. But, you may even use it to pack and execute a simple batch script. A batch script may be used to establish another kind of scripts like PowerShell, JavaScript, VB Script, or even Python.


Supported System:
– Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10




Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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Size: 3.44MB


No VT – Key on .txt file.

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