SysTools SQL Log Analyzer v7.0 + Crack


SysTools SQL Log Analyzer – To Read & Analyze SQL Server Log File (.ldf) Transactions

  • Complete analyses of SQL transaction Log (.ldf) file to identify critical changes in record
  • OpenRead & Analyze all Microsoft SQL transactions: InsertUpdate & Delete
  • SQL LDF File Recovery to restore the modified database back into SQL Server
  • Forensic Investigator can track who modified SQL table records with details provide by Log Analyzer
  • Quick Scan to deeply examine log file & provide full visibility to database records
  • Open & Analyze all operation of a transaction(LDF) file Without MS SQL Server application
  • SQL Log Analyzer works on both Online & Offline SQL Database Environment
  • Support to fetch & view records from Live SQL database environment
  • Support For Advance SQL Data Type : Datetime2, datetimeoffset, sql_variant, hierarchyid, geometry & geography data types
  • Dynamic Filters to export only Selective transaction records after complete analyses
  • Display LDF information in SQL ScriptsCSV file or directly export to any SQL Server database
  •  Auto-locate MDF to read database schema of scanned Log File while opting Offline DB Option
  • Provide support to Unicode (Collation) property after exporting database
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server 20172016201420122008 and SQL Server 2005 LDF

List of Key Features in SysTools SQL LOG Analyzer

Deep Examination of SQL Log file to Glean all Detail of Every Transaction in Human-Readable Format

Full Visibility to Live Database Records

SQL Log Analyzer tool allows user to connect with Online SQL Server Database using proper credentials to automatically fetch the Database & its records. This inbuilt feature provides user to connect to Live Database for accessing the transaction logs. The tool allows user to preview all the records within the database such as INSERTUPDATEDELETE on the preview pane.

Analyze all SQL Log Transaction

SQL LDF Viewer provides the facility to OpenRead and Preview the complete log activity in a Microsoft SQL Server database. Activity preview includes; Transaction NameLogin Name, Transaction TimeTable NameQuery As SQL Server saves all its log activity and transaction details in .ldf file. So, it is easier to analyze it to detect the possible reason of SQL Server corruption and who deleted data from table in SQL Server.

Quick SQL LDF Data Recovery

To avoid complete scanning of corrupt SQL Server database for recovery; the SQL LDF File Reader will be a great help. You only need to provide the last backup of your SQL log file with associated MDF file (Primary SQL database file). Software will Scan & Export the complete data into Live SQL Server Platform and SQL Server compatible format in minimum span of time; after thorough analysis.

Isolate Single Log Transactions

SQL LDF Reader scans and loads all the tables present in SQL database and generates a preview for all transaction activity saved in LDF file. It helps to view SQL Server transaction log with fields like: TransactionTransaction timeTable name and Query. You can view the specific records on preview pane by clicking the desired transaction. It shows complete data along with column name.

3 Options to Export SQL Log File

SQL LDF File Reader lets you export the SQL log file queries as SQL files in three different ways:

  • Export as SQL Server database
  • Export as SQL Server compatible SQL scripts
  • Export as CSV file

These exported queries as SQL files can be further used to get the corrupt SQL database in its working stage.

Export as SQL Server Database

If you choose to export the SQL .ldf file queries directly to Live SQL Server database environment then, you need to provide the valid database credentials like: Server NameDatabase NameUsername and its associated Password.

Note: Export the data on some other location in SQL Server in order to avoid the overwriting of existing database.

SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts

If you want to move recovered data to some other SQL Server database then, it is recommended to export the SQL LDF (Transaction) file queries in SQL Server compatible SQL scripts. This SQL script can be used to export the data on any SQL Server as per your requirement.

Facility to Add LDF & MDF File

Using the SQL LDF Viewer software, you can add single SQL LDF file at a time and it will auto detect associated MDF file; if both are present at same location. Otherwise; you will need to separately browse the MDF file location. In case you want to recover the corrupt SQL Server database, you have to provide the LOG details of last backup of your SQL Server database.

Complete Log (.ldf) File Investigation

With the help of SQL Log Analyzer, user can view any database operation either it is saved in Primary database file (MDF) or Secondary database file (NDF), if its transaction details available in Log file. Moreover, the software is supportive to the latest versions of SQL Server and analyze LDF file without any fail.

Option to Sort Log File Elements

An auto sorting option is available within SQL LDF file Reader software to re-arrange order of the list of items. With this impeccable feature, SQL user can sort the elements according to their Properties like: TransactionTransaction TimeTable NameTransaction Name and Query.

Export Selective Tables

While exporting the SQL ldf file queries, you can check or uncheck the tables to save only selected data. If you want to recover SQL LDF file data from any specific table then, select and export the specific database in Live SQL Server Database EnvironmentCSV or as SQL Server compatible Script.

Log File Forensics Without SQL Server

SQL Server Log File Analyzer promotes the forensic analysis of Log files for examination of SQL Server activities. The software is a standalone tool to view Log file of SQL Server and doesn’t need Microsoft SQL Server installed on the machine for analysis. Freely open and read records of Log file without the assistance of SQL Server.

Support For Advance SQL Data Types

SQL Log File Viewer is integrated with incredible option that supports the Advance data type like Datetime2datetimeoffsetsql_varianthierarchyidgeometry & geography data types for the advance forensics of SQL Server 2017 & below versions Transaction Log files.

Option to Save & Load Scanned Log File

With SQL Log Analyzer, user is free to save the scanned version of Transaction Log file in system for future use. A scanned copy of LOG can be saved as an STR file format to avoid rescanning it every time when there is a need to analyze the same transaction file records. Just load the saved STR to work on the scanned Log file & save time too.

Read LDF On 64 Bit Windows Versions

Being a Windows based application; all versions of Windows Operating System are fully supported, including Windows 10 Home or ProfessionalWindows 8.1Windows 8Windows 7Windows XP. Both; 32 Bit & 64 Bit of Microsoft Windows are supported by SQL LDF Reader software.


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