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Repair Tracking, Inventory, POS and CRS Software for Computer Shops and IT Techs. Welcome to the most fully featured and revolutionary Repair Shop software available. No matter if you are just starting up as a one man army or as fully established computer / mobile & cell phone repair shop. Improve your repair efficiency which will improve your revenue by being more organised.



Quick Ticket Updates with Canned Messages
Less typing using the built-in canned messages to speed up creating invoices and reports.

Fully Featured
Repair Tracking, Point of Sale, Inventory, Repeat Billing, Reports and more

Integration to Google Calendar, Kashflow Accounting, Livedrive and more to speed up your business work flows

Email to Ticket Updates
Send an email from anywhere and your tickets are updated with your repair notes

YOU own your data!
Use your own SQL Server Database on-premises so you can create your own customer reports, export your own data whenever you want!

Lots of reports built-in from customer address maps, financial reports, who are your best customers and more!

Repair Tracking
– Track tickets, assets and serial numbers from single interface.
– Quickly access new and old tickets. Colour coded to identify older tickets.
– Filter search by keywords, Customer names, job information.

Automatic Emails and SMS
CRS sends out automatic status updates by email and SMS ensuring your customers are always kept informed.

Complete Overview
– From the main screen you can see how many jobs you have booked in, awaiting payment, appointments and stats.
– Quickly print labels for any ticket without opening the ticket.
– Quick access to Point Of Sale and all CRS modules.

Integrations with Google, Skype and more
CRS integrates with Google Calendar, Google Maps, Livedrive, Skype, Kashflow Accounting Package and more…

Built-In Template Editor
Amazingly simply to use built-in template editor to fully customise the look of your customer emails and printed receipts, invoices etc.


Why Choose Computer Repair Shop Software (CRS)
• Your data is YOUR data! Your private customer data is located on your own computer giving you full control over how you use your own data!
• Database hosted on your own network – still works even when your internet is not!
• CRS FREE Edition for start-ups and new computer shop owners who want to start using professional and time efficient PC repair tracking and ticketing software from the beginning! Using CRS will ensure you are optimising your time, stay organised and be successful.
• Affordable monthly Subscriptions designed for established shops and business owners using CRS as the backbone of their business!
• CRS is specific to computer repair shops and technicians no matter if you have a computer repair business and repair shops or work from home on your own.
• Job Tracking, Point Of Sale, Inventory, Part Ordering and Tracking, Quoting and Invoicing System All-In-One easy to use package.
• DESIGNED BY COMPUTER SHOP CHAIN OWNER! We know what you want as we own and run our own chain of shops where CRS is the backbone of our successful business!
• Minimise errors and mistakes, Speed up your repair check-in process. CRS is designed for simplicity and speed – this is just what all successful businesses require!
• Full ticket tracking from the day the computer is checked in to the day it leaves your workshop!
• World Wide User base. CRS works in all countries.
• New features driven by you! Want a new feature, just ask!


What’s New In Version:

New Features

• Linked Products – Now you can link a product with one or more child products. For example, you may have an iPhone Screen Repair which has a labour part and a stock part or you wanted to combine the parts of a custom-built PC.
• Main GUI has been updated showing more relevant ticket information, right-click any ticket form the main screen to open, print labels, etc.
• Digital Signature Capture – Works best with a touch screen monitor. This needs to be enabled in Settings->Attached Devices. (this was a great idea until Covid-19 and contactless became the norm!)
• Customer Satisfaction & Feedback – This is a great way to push online reviews, make upsales and guarantee repeat customers.
• Lots of minor features have been added to improve experience and usage.

Maintenance and Bug fixes

• Custom Headers/Footer added to Thermal receipts.
• End of days auto-runs and auto-opens the till on completion
• Product Import fixes and updates
• Customer Sources (ticket->Customer tab) can be disabled for users (via settings)
• Spell checking added to internal notes.
• Comms Tab GUI has been re-worked to make it clear which notes are Private internal notes and which notes are customers (public) notes and messages.
• Deleted Suppliers are now hidden from the dropdowns.
• Clock In / Out reasons for being late shown as a drop-down list for the user to select.
• Financial Privacy – When logging out, the main screen reverts back to the main screen tab (this was to prevent financial data from the summary tab be left on view to customers).
• Company setup VAT/TAX is now independent i.e. if one shop is registered for VAT/TAX and another is not then this is reflected in CRS charges and invoices.
• Database file encryption can be enabled via settings->Database
• Drop-Off Date can now be changed on the ticket
• Right Click on any item added to Invoice Charges opens the item details. (Admin only).
• plus lots of minor fixes and improvements.




Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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