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Darkest Dungeon II 2023 v1.04.59692 [The Academic’s Edition] Portable [FTUApps]


Darkest Dungeon II is a roguelike journey that takes doomed souls on. Create a squad of heroes, equip the Stagecoach and go save the world, illuminating the dying lands with the last spark of hope. But remember that the main threats do not come from outside…


Game Features:
• Gather all your courage and plunge into the chaos of a collapsing world. Between darkness and salvation there are only four heroes and a Stagecoach.
• Improved turn-based combat mechanics. The new game brings back the innovative combat system from Darkest Dungeon, which we’ve made even better by transforming many of its elements, from characteristics to rules. And the new tag mechanic adds depth, allowing you to make more informed decisions.
• Unforgettable characters. Learn and live a tragic story from the past of our heroes. Unleash their potential with new skills, paths, items, and more.
• A unique story in every trip. Each expedition lasts from 30 minutes to several hours. Even if your mission is unsuccessful, you will receive resources that will be very useful on your next journey.
• Altar of Hope. Take advantage of the system of improvements and benefits, which will allow you to discover new strategies for each next campaign. Choose what you’ll need the next time you try to reach the Mountain.
• System of opinions. During the journey, the heroes become closer to each other, learning to work as a team, or they drive each other to white heat, and the expedition to a sad end. Relieve stress from your heroes and manage their relationships to keep your team together no matter what.
• Creepy locations. Throughout your long journey to the Mountain – from the burning Pogradje to the plague-ridden Stench – you will have to prove both your own endurance and the correctness of your tactics. Explore five remote regions, in each of which you will have to overcome difficulties and face unique enemies.
• Peace and quiet. Physically and mentally exhausted heroes can rest in a tavern while you relieve them of stress and manage their relationships with a wide selection of carnal and spiritual pleasures.
• Confess your sins. Travel to the Mountain and come face to face with the monstrous embodiment of your own weaknesses.
• Improved signature style. The recognizable art style of Darkest Dungeon is now even better with 3D graphics, new animations and visual effects.
• A treat for the ears. The Darkest Dungeon sound team is back. Enjoy the unmistakable voice of Wayne June, a new score by Stuart Chatwood, and stunning sound effects from Power Up Audio.


Portable Features:
Genre : Indie / RPG / Strategy
Developer : Red Hook Studios
Publisher : Red Hook Studios
Platform : PC
Store page : Steam Interface language : Russian*, English, MULTi13
Voice language : English
Version : 1.04.59692 (Build 13457166 )
Type of releases : pirate
Tablet : sewn in (FAIRLIGHT Steam emu.)
* Changes in game settings


Operating System:
– Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
– OS: Windows 10
– Processor: AMD Athlon X4 / Intel Core i5 4460
– Video card: Nvidia GTX 950 / AMD R7 370
– Disk space: 4 GB


Starting the game:
1. Download to any location on your hard drive (the main thing is that there is no Cyrillic alphabet on the path to the game folder)
2. Launch the game along the path from the Darkest Dungeon II.exe file in the main game directory


Why might the game not start:
– Remove the Cyrillic alphabet from the path to the game folder,
– The Windows username must not contain Cyrillic,
– Remove the read-only attribute from the game folder,
– Remove the game folder from the torrent client before launching the game,
– Turn off the antivirus, because it may block the execution of executable and/or additional files.
– As a last resort, download the entire game folder, a new one.






Extract, Run & Enjoy, No activation or installation required / Instruction is Included in the folder!



Size: 6.29GB