DevJet Software CodeInsightPlus v1.0.11.28 Retail + License Key


Make CodeInsight Intelligent


  • Smart Pattern Match
  • Suggest symbols by relevance
  • Sync edit type arguments (NOTE: Click the following images to play the GIF)
  • Suggest type arguments for generic types/methods
  • Postfix Code Completion (60+ Templates)
  • Generate local variable via Postfix Completion or Smart Completion (Ctrl+Alt+Space)
  • Generate anonymous method expression
  • Powerful for/forr/forin Postfix Completion Templates (Auto-Infer element type)
  • Import symbols from external units (Alt+Shift+Space Experimental for packages)


  • Reveal missing symbols in many cases (Press Ctrl+Space again to get more suggestions)
  • Customize Commit Behavior: Insert/Replace (Enter/Tab Key)
  • Auto Popup
  • Auto Parenthesis/Brackets
  • Auto Semicolon
  • Auto Peposition Code Parameters Tooltip
  • Auto Escape identifiers such as ‘For’
  • Suggest scoped enums
  • Hide inaccessible static members
    • TEncoding.FUTF8Encoding
    • TEncoding.GetUTF8
    • TFoo.$ClassInitFlag
  • Hide inaccessible Helper members
  • Hide nested type members when accessing via instance
  • Show Class Property Symbols
    • TEncoding.UTF8
  • Show static members declared in helper type
    e.g. TGuidHelper.NewGuid => TGuid.NewGuid
  • Show non-instance members in static class methods
  • Show non-instance members in class constructor/class destructor
  • Improve display of generic symbols
  • Show both generic and non-generic method overloads


  • Delphi XE7+ (If you are interested in earlier versions, please vote.)


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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Size: 30.9MB


No VT – License Key On .Txt File.

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