GrapeCity ActiveReportsJS v1.1 + Crack


JavaScript Reporting Solution for Web Applications

  • Build scalable reporting applications
  • Improved support for Angular, React, and Vue
  • Integrate ActiveReportsJS into applications
    using popular JavaScript frameworks
  • Enable reporting on the client
    without server dependencies
  • Export reports to PDF, Excel, or HTML formats
  • High-performance JavaScript Reporting Engine

    Leverage the powerful reporting engine to load and generate your reports in JavaScript on any device.

  • Client-side Exporting and Printing

    Quickly generate WYSIWYG reports and export to PDF or Excel on the client-side. Allow your end-users to print pixel-perfect JavaScript reports.

  • Design Interactive JavaScript Reports

    Use the drill-down or drill-through functions to provide interactivity and more specific information for end-users.

  • Reporting for any JavaScript Framework

    Use ActiveReportsJS with any popular JavaScript framework including Angular, React, and Vue.

  • No External Dependencies

    Written in TypeScript. Execute in any web application. Customizable and easy to use in VSCode.

  • Multiple Report Types

    Choose from layout-driven page reports or data-driven RDL reports to create a full-featured report library.

Designer for JavaScript Reports

Deliver beautifully designed JavaScript reports in less time with the ActiveReportsJS Designer.



Install on any OS

The Designer can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux Operating Systems, enabling developers to design reports on any platform.

Functional JavaScript Reporting

Create complex reports using the intuitive drag-and-drop GUI. Visualize your data with report controls like tables and charts.

Convert to JavaScript Reports

JavaScript works best with JSON-like syntax. Open traditional RDLX reports in the designer and save them as RDLX-JSON.


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

Torrent Contain:


Size: 114MB


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