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Using databases in your .NET code made easy

To write queries against your ORM framework, utilizing your database and your data:
LLBLGen Pro gets you there immediately, whether you target .NET Full, .NET Core or Xamarin.

Use any .NET ORM framework

LLBLGen Pro is the leading entity modeling solution for .NET and can be used with Entity Framework (Full / Core), NHibernate, Linq to Sql and our own ORM, the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework (included). It lets you easily define your entity model and map it to your database so you can get started writing queries right away.

Work the way you want

The LLBLGen Pro Designer supports both database-first and model-first modeling. At any given moment you can switch between the two, giving you the flexibility you need.

Solid and reliable

The Designer is the best choice for working with the major O/R Mapping frameworks: Entity Framework (Full / Core), NHibernate and Linq to Sql, or our own ORM, the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework. It’s flexible, allowing you to configure any aspect of the mapping workflow. It’s robust, designed to handle models with thousands of entities.

World-class generated code

The code produced by the Designer reads like it’s been written by you. It’s clean, well documented and well tested. There are no surprises, so you can focus on more important matters.


The LLBLGen Pro Designer offers the complete toolset you’ll need to utilize any of the supported O/R mapper frameworks and databases in your application to the fullest.

Sophisticated O/R mapping

With the LLBLGen Pro designer you create the necessary code bases to use any of the following supported O/R mapping frameworks.

Entity Framework (Full / Core)

Use the Entity Framework, be it Entity Framework Core, v6 or an older version, the way Microsoft intended. Without any effort.
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LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework

Our own, high performance and fully featured O/R mapping framework. A modern and reliable ORM which gives you the power you need to fully utilize the potential of your application. The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework ships with the LLBLGen Pro designer.
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Your choice for NHibernate doesn’t mean you have to write its mappings and classes by hand: the LLBLGen Pro designer lets you get started with this sophisticated Open Source ORM quickly.
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Linq to SQL

The LLBLGen Pro designer gives you a full design experience for this Microsoft ORM in ways the Microsoft designer never could.
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New features in v5.5:

Entity Framework Core 2.1 support

Entity Framework Core 2.1 is now a supported framework, which comes with more features from the designer now supported on Entity Framework Core. Additionally, the generated code has been adjusted to make it more extensible.

Runtime: Insert / Update query batching

LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework now supports batching of insert and update queries into single DbCommand objects which great helps with performance, especially when using a database over a connection with high latency, like a cloud database.

Runtime: Window specification support (OVER() Clause)

The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework now comes with support for the SQL OVER() clause, which is used with window functions. OVER() allows aggregates and specific window functions to define a window in the resultset. Existing aggregate functions can be extended with an OVER() clause and window functions like RANK() and FIRST_VALUE() are now supported and can be specified directly in an LLBLGen Pro query together with an OVER() clause

Runtime: support for Union / Union All in Linq / QuerySpec

The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework finally gets support for a feature that has been requested for many times: support for UNION and UNION ALL in queries. For Linq, there’s now full support for .Union() and .Concat(). For QuerySpec, the support comes in the form of two new methods: Union() and UnionAll()

Much more…

There’s much more new and adjusted in LLBLGen Pro v5.5. To get a detailed overview of what’s new in the LLBLGen Pro Designer v5.5, please visit its ‘what’s new’ page in the Designer documentation.

To get a detailed overview of what’s new in the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework v5.5, please visit its ‘what’s new’ page in the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework documentation as well.


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