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Apple has given a preview of this year’s Mac operating system, macOS Sonoma, which has plenty of cool new features, from Safari enhancements to new screensavers, from video conferencing to improved gameplay. Here are 10 of the best features in macOS Sonoma that you’ll be able to try out in the fall.


1. Desktop widgets
macOS Ventura lets you configure widgets that display when you activate Notification Center. In macOS Sonoma, you will be able to view these on the Desktop of your Mac at all times. You can also set widgets to fade in the background, so they’re not too distracting. But it gets better. If you have an iPhone nearby, or on the same Wi-Fi network, you will also be able to use widgets that you have configured on your iPhone. This gives you access to many more widgets and much more information on your Mac.

2. Safari profiles
If you use your Mac for both work and for personal activities, it can be confusing when all your bookmarks, favorites, and extensions are mixed up. Safari profiles allow you to create separate profiles for different activities. You can have one for work and one for leisure, or, if you’re a freelancer, have one profile for each client. Profiles can also be activated with Focus modes, so you can switch automatically when you enable a Focus.

3. Safari web apps
When you work with Safari, you often have multiple tabs or windows open, and it can be hard to keep track of them. Sometimes, it could be great to have a web browser for just one website that you use frequently. You could launch the browser for that site when you need it and quit it when you’re finished, so you don’t have too many tabs hanging around. New in macOS Sonoma is the ability to create web apps in Safari. When visiting a website that you want to use regularly, click the share button, then choose Add to Dock. Safari save this as a mini application, and puts it in the dock. If you click the Dock icon to open the app, you will see that website and nothing else: no address bar, no tabs. If you want to remove these from the dock, but still access them, drag one of these web app icons away from the dock. Then go to your user folder and open the Applications folder; this is where they are stored. If you want, you can put them on the Desktop where you can launch them by double clicking. You can also launch them from Spotlight or LaunchPad. And if you want to open the website in the main Safari window, just click the Safari icon at the top right.


macOS Sonoma can be installed on the following Mac models
– iMac (2019 or newer)
– iMac Pro (2017)
– MacBook Air (2018 or newer)
– MacBook Pro (2018 or newer)
– Mac Pro (2019 or newer)
– Mac Studio (2022 or newer)
– Mac mini (2018 or newer)


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