Studio 3T is a MongoDB technology partner.

Studio 3T is a GUI and IDE for developers and data engineers who work with MongoDB. Data management features such as in-place editing and easy database connections are matched with polyglot query code generation, advanced shell with auto-completion, SQL import/export and enterprise level authentication with LDAP and Kerberos.

Studio 3T is built for growing professional teams. It enables rapid team development by offering Tree, Table and JSON views of your data, and a variety of ways to interrogate it, including sophisticated aggregations, native Mongo JSON extensions, traditional SQL queries, and a drag and drop query builder.


Why choose Studio 3T?


Full compatibility with current and legacy releases of MongoDB (MongoDB v3.0-4.0), so your estate is fully secure.


Thoroughly tested new features added with every new update so your team is always advancing.


Get fast technical support so you can confidently deliver on time, on budget.

It’s a fact: Studio 3T users save time.

ROI you can count in hours saved

Since making the switch to Studio 3T, developers at Orange, SEGA, Cisco, and many more have been able to work faster and save time. Take a look at their frequently-used Studio 3T features and find out how our tool helps companies worldwide maximize the full potential of MongoDB.

“I easily save 10 – 15 hours per week since moving to Studio 3T”


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