Easily replicate database table data – even with heterogeneous databases.

Whether you need to simply compare two databases or set up replication, you have come to the right place.

Replicator does not change reference database in any way nor requires setting up custom agents or triggers in your databases.

What can Replicator do?

You can even synchronize data of heterogeneous databases (for example, compare your local SQL Server database with a MySQL replica on your web site – and synchronize all the differences in just a few minutes).

See the list of the supported databases on the right!

You can even replicate changes coming from non-relational databases (CSV, DBF, Excel documents, Paradox…)

  •  Access
  •  Amazon RDS
  •  CSV (as source only)
  •  IBM DB2
  •  dBase (as source only)
  •  Derby
  •  Excel (as source only)
  •  Filemaker
  •  Firebird
  •  Greenplum
  •  H2
  •  Interbase
  •  MariaDB
  •  MySQL
  •  NexusDB
  •  Oracle
  •  Paradox (as source only)
  •  Pervasive
  •  PostgreSQL
  •  Progress OpenEdge
  •  QuickBooks (as source only)
  •  SQL Script (as source only)
  •  SQL Azure
  •  SQL Server
  •  SQL CE
  •  SQLite
  •  Sybase ASA
  •  Sybase ASE
  •  Vertica
  •  VistaDB
  •  Visual FoxPro (as source only)
  •  …and many more via ODBC

General Features:

  • Supports 7 database types
  • Schema comparison and synchronization
  • Data comparison and synchronization
  • Supports databases and individual tables of unlimited size
  • Slick and usable modern interface
  • Built-in Scheduler for recurring conversions
  • Differences viewer and editor
  • Command-line support using a dedicated console application
  • Full Unicode support for international character data


Installation/Activation Instruction is Included in the folder!

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Size: 117MB